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FEBRUARY 15th – 20th

In preparation for upcoming regulatory changes.

We have SO much work to do! We may be here during our closure, but we need to focus on our quickly impending deadlines so we won’t be accepting samples or conducting regular business during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience! We know how important testing is to your business continuity, so we’ve made arrangements to have you taken care of while we’re closed.

Cascadia Labs will be servicing the area during our closure. To make an appointment with Cascadia during this time, please call 855.800.6890.

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January 18, 2016
The State of Oregon is implementing new administrative rules for cannabis testing under both the Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana programs in 2016. OG Analytical is developing new services to ensure that we can continue to help clients meet compliance requirements under these new rules. The new services require additional quality control procedures in accordance with the TNI standard for ORELAP accreditation, including robust documentation of each step in the analytical process. This level of quality control is commensurate with regulatory compliance testing in other industries, and helps to maintain an appropriate audit trail for competency review. As a part of the accreditation process, we are also developing new policies and procedures to satisfy the requirements under these new rules. OG Analytical is working toward achieving the required ORELAP accreditation for cannabis testing by May of 2016.
The first change we’re expecting is coming February 1, 2016. As per 333-008-9000¹, the Oregon Health Authority is requiring changes to laboratory Certificates of Analysis as of this date. The new Certificates must comply with the TNI 2009 standard. By February 1, you can expect an enhanced Certificate of Analysis that includes a full list of pesticide analytes we screen for, including our Limit of Quantitation and other QC data.
The bulk of the upcoming price and service changes will correspond with our actual date of accreditation. As of June 1, 2016, dispensaries can no longer accept test results under the previous rules². We are expecting heavy sample volume in the month of May as producers submit the first round of samples under the new Rules. Please plan to submit samples early to accommodate for extended turn-around times.
We are making great progress with the implementation of the new pesticide list³ that will be required by June 1st². We expect to launch the new pesticide service on March 1st, 2016. The new service will run concurrently with the old service, and will be optional until June 1st. The new service will comply with the old rules, and will assist clients in early preparation for the upcoming requirements.
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¹333-008-9000 Rule text is available at:
²333-007 Rule text is available at:
³333-007-0400 and 333-007-0410 Pesticide and Solvents lists are available at: