Trust your bud.™

OG Analytical was founded in good science with one objective in mind: to benefit public health and safety in our community by providing access to superior quality analytical chemistry services. We provide ORELAP accredited full-service compliance testing using internationally approved methods to quantify pesticides, residual solvents, and cannabinoid potency values for agricultural commodities in Oregon. With over 50 years of combined experience in analytical chemistry, we provide our clients high quality, reliable results unmatched by other labs. Though our expertise is world class (see: About Us), OG Analytical is locally owned and operated, committed to a socially conscious business model that supports our team members and clients.

Our local ownership helps ensure important decisions about new regulations are made locally by community members who will be most impacted by these decisions. Bethany Sherman, founder and CEO, and Rodger Voelker, Lab Director, were involved in discussions with the Oregon Health Authority when implementing residual solvent regulations for agricultural crops in Oregon. Strategic partnerships like this one demonstrate our continuing efforts to make OG Analytical among the most respected analytical chemistry labs in Oregon.

Our goal has always been to provide outstanding customer service and legally defensible data to our clients, and we hope you can help us lead the way!