Oregon Growers Analytical is dedicated to the success of our customers.  Through consistent utilization of our services, you'll benefit from having a strong scientific ally in your field.  Whether you're developing a new product, attempting to produce consistent potency values, or simply want to ensure the safety of your customers, OG Analytical can provide you with the appropriate analytical tools to ensure your success.  Our Partnership program involves a flexible term contract that locks in discounts for you while ensuring your needs are met.  Let OG Analytical be more than just another vendor bill. Let us be your Partner.  Contact us today find out more.


Benefits of partnering with OG Analytical

  • Exlcusive discounts
  • Access to professional product development consultations at no additional cost
  • Access to the most diverse array of analytical instrumentation means access to appropriate methodology for problem resolution
  • Consistent testing with our lab generates consistent results
  • Consistent results help you develop consistent products
  • Flexible co-branding options for labels, etc.
  • Cross promotion with a reputable laboratory can boost your visibility
  • Promote quality standards for your industry
  • Flexible contract terms ensure your needs are met


The following logos represent a few of the producers who have enjoyed the benefits of our Partnership program:

              Top Shelf Extracts High Quality Cannabis Extracts BHO

  The CO2 Company Cannabis Extracts     Echo Electuary Cannabis Edibles    

   Urban Canna High Quality Cannabis Flowers and BHO Extracts      Natural Connections Confections Cannabis Edibles, Flowers, and Oils     TJ's Organic Gardens High Quality Cannabis Flowers, Extracts, High CBD