How can we help?

OG Analytical offers a range of consulting services. From product development to organic gardening practices to consumer safety regulation, our dedicated team can help you find appropriate scientific solutions to real world problems.

Product Development
Our customers depend on us to provide an accurate analysis of their sample material. This accuracy is vital to new formulations. Whether you're developing a brand new product or modifying your formulations on an existing product, we can help. Our complex understanding of analytical chemistry coupled with years of experience in nutraceutical analysis for botanical companies has given us the toolset to help you achieve your goals. Our Product Development services extend beyond just cannabis; we can help with botanical supplements, herbal supplements, and biologicals such as kombucha.

Cultivation Management
We offer affordable consultations to help you setup, establish, and maintain a healthy organic garden.  If you’re thinking about growing, or if you want to convert from conventional to organic gardening, we can help.  We can also lend assistance if mites or mildew find a home in your garden. Please contact us before treating your crop with pesticides or fungicides.

Consumer Safety Regulation
OG Analytical has a wealth of experience in regulatory environments outside of the cannabis industry. Working together with the Cannabis Safety Institute, our rich data and astute computational analysis is helping establish sensible regulation of cannabis not only in Oregon, but also in Nevada and Colorado. How can we help your State?

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